1st speech in Toastmaster

Indie is short for independent, as refer to indie culture, it was firstly defined as “DIY”, do it yourself. Anti-commercialization and staying independent from mass media and social trend are the most featured attitudes of indie culture. Indie fans have no specific dress code but share similarity in social value preference implied by indie music, movie and literature or art.

Music, movie, art and anything created outside of the mainstream and without corporate financing are defined as Indie. However, along with popularity of independent rock band such as Nirvana and sonic youth, big corporations started to dip its toes into indie water, people began to question the meaning of nowadays’ indie and belief it’s just a sample of mainstream culture. However, as to me, indie is more of a philosophy, if the band remains control over their product and consists in the concept of creativity and difference; it’s indie to me.

There’s no specific rhythm or instrument can distinguish indie music ‘cause there’s indie pop, indie rock, indie folk and indie hippop. In recent 20years, indie has done lots of crossover with other sub-cultural music genre such as emo, punk and etc. Internet is one of the reasons speeding up the evolvement of indie music. In China, Douban radio station and 虾米 helped independent musicians freely upload their products and gained greater and greater audience base.

Being such a loyal fan for years, indie became parts of my philosophy and influenced every perspectives of my life. Thanks to it, I learned being myself is more important than following what others say. And it’s always good to have my own way to see things. Recently, I’m reading the book “the crowd” “乌合之众” in Chinese, one of its idea is that group thinking can sheer people in the group from taking responsibilities ‘cause people will perform as group acting. It requires courage to say that I am different and my existence is precious. However, I’ve gained self-recognition by doing so and rebuild confidence not only in myself but also in other people. I started to appreciate the difference in people and learned to respect other kind of lifestyles and value systems.

Now I work in an advertisement company which left me little time to relax and enjoy those kinds of music and movies as before. But I try to go to every indie music concert to refresh my memory and to re-exam myself. It reminds me that never let my priority lost in daily trivia and never stop being curious, independent and passionate.

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